Amber Webber, PhD

Welcome to Leadership Habits! I am a longtime student of the habits and practices of highly effective leaders, and hope to pass along the best ideas and practical tips I find as I continue exploring the topic and working as a manager myself. On this site, you will also find my thoughts and reflections on the current and relevant academic research on leadership, management, strategy, innovation, and organizational learning.

My Background

My career path did not follow a traditional academic journey. I began my career with eight years of active duty in the Air Force, starting in Security Forces, specializing in training over time, and spending my last three years in teaching front-line leadership and supervision skills as an Airman Leadership School instructor. I followed my active duty time with work in civilian, government, and higher education institutions, gaining experience as an instructor, leadership development coach, internal consultant, instructional designer, and a manager.

I started work as an adjunct professor for Park University in the summer of 2018. In that role, I teach courses in human capacity building, managing change and innovation, and organizational learning. In early 2019, I joined Florida International University, where I work full time as an Instructional Design Manager.

Through these various roles, I’ve been able to pursue an academic study of leadership effectiveness from a variety of perspectives, including the completion of a Bachelor’s in Management and Human Resources, a Master’s in Adult Education, and finally a PhD in Business Management, specializing in Strategy and Innovation. My dissertation research focused on successful organizational transformations to performance excellence.

My Approach

The posts and articles you will find on LeadershipHabits.net are intended to explore and evaluate various aspects of leadership, management, strategy, innovation, and learning from a practical standpoint. Everything posted is written with the goal of offering value and insight to those working in or aspiring to leadership roles. Leadership roles in organizations today generally require their incumbents to handle a broad range of responsibilities, to navigate a vast network of stakeholders, to think critically, and to make things happen every day. Lifelong learning and continuous improvement are essential attitudes for handling this set of duties, and I hope you find ideas, concepts, or principles that help you with both here.