I love to read about leadership, productivity, management, strategy, learning, and innovation. I’m also often asked for reading recommendations, and where I find the information and references linked in my articles. The following are a few of the answers to those questions. Enjoy!

Management books and kindle selections

In the Reading mix now

At any given point, I usually have several books in progress electronically, on audio, or occasionally in hard copy. Though I love a good hard copy book, and usually have a good stack on my desk from the library or book store, the majority of my reading is on my Kindle or through the Kindle and Audible apps. The following are what I have in my reading mix right now (updated December 2020).

all-time keepers

The books listed below are those I feel are must-reads. They’ll likely never be de-cluttered off my bookshelf. Many of these are my go-to recommendations, or texts I use as required reading in the classes I teach.

Leadership and Management How-To

Strategic Leadership and Organizational Development

Personal Productivity and Effectiveness

Mindset, Resilience, and Emotional Intelligence

Theory, Scholarly Summaries, and Perspective

Online Sources, Subscriptions, & feeds

Alongside my forays into management and leadership research, I keep a feed of online sites and sources running into my inbox to stay updated with the latest conversation on leadership, management, innovation, organizational development, strategy, people and the workplace. I would recommend these as outstanding sources for quick reads, current insights, and well-grounded information: